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Mission and Vision:

Our Mission is to bridge the gap between China and Brazil's commodities markets by ensuring efficient, cost-effective, and quality-driven trade solutions. Our vision is to become a global leader in commodities trading, renowned for in- tegrity and excellence.

Company Background

Founded by a team of seasoned professionals, CBR International Supply Chain Co. Limited leverages extensive industry experience and a robust network to drive success.

Ownership and Leadership

The company is owned by JEL'S Partner Ltd, MLA and Co, Yuchang International Ltd, and Primegate Holding Ltd. The leadership comprises skilled individuals, including CEO Mrs. Lise Wei, COOs Mr. Patrice Lalloum and Mr. Doudou Correa and Mr. Girsh Haldey.

Strategic Focus

Strategic Focus


CBR International Supply Chain Co., Ltd. is a bold, new player founded in July 2023 by seasoned experts Ms. Lise Wei and Mr. Girsch Haldey. With Ms. Wei's ex- tensive experience in China import-export and Mr. Haldey's veteran logistics back- ground, CBR is uniquely positioned to facilitate surging commodities trade between Brazil and China. Specifically, CBR has cultivated a strategic partnership with Chinese Clients, eager to access Brazil's bountiful natural resources. Given China's nearly insatiable demand for agricultural and mineral commodities paired with Brazil's abundant exports of iron ore, soybeans and other raw materials, CBR recognizes a timely opportunity to enable win-win exchange with Chinese Clients. Though still focused on commodities, evolving complementarities between the two large, diverse economies also offer CBR chances to expand import-export activities in higher value-added sectors going forward. Already, CBR has demonstrated its ability to help Chinese clients secure in-de- mand Brazilian commodities while assisting Brazilian producers reach this lucrative market. With its unique expertise and energetic leadership, CBR aims to be on the cut- ting edge of broadening two-way trade beyond today's predominant raw materials.

Quality Assurance

CBR implements rigorous quality control at every step - from sourcing to shipment arrival. Our team thoroughly vets suppliers and inspects goods to ensure they meet the highest standards before export. This attention to quality gives our Chinese Clients, full confidence that received materials will align seamlessly with their operations. We pride ourselves on supply chain transparency and providing Chinese clients with exceptional Brazilian goods.

Cost Efficiency

Through our extensive Brazil network cultivated over years of on-the-ground experience, CBR secures extremely competitive pricing from local suppliers. These savings are then passed on to our Chinese partners. Our purchasing power and relationships empower us to maximize cost efficiency across the supply chain. This enables clients to keep overheads low even as they rapidly scale up operations.

Efficient Logistics

End-to-end logistics guarantees responsive, seamless delivery of commodities. We oversight minimize lead times and shipment disruptions, allowing our clients to rely on timely arrival of materials. Our strategic presence across Brazil is leveraged to quickly transport goods for export. Smooth coordination from sourcing to last-mile delivery is our expertise..

Global Presence

With headquarters in Hong Kong and Brazil offices, CBR bridges key time differences to enable streamlined communication and rapid decision-making. Led by CEO Mrs. Lise Wei, our global footprint allows real-time supply chain monitoring and control. Her leadership and China experience establish trust with clients. Our global presence enables us to service clients in multiple countries

Trading Commodities with CBR ISC

Lisa Wei


Lisa Wei's 15+ years of experience in import-export and international partnerships make her the ideal choice as CEO to lead CBR International. After earning her business degree in China, Ms. Wei gained vital expertise in global marketing, manufacturing partnerships, and distribution logistics. Leveraging this background, Ms. Wei recently launched CBR International to facilitate agricultural commodities trade between China and Brazil. As CEO, she applies her deep knowledge of Chinese import-export practices and excellent negotiation abilities to secure win-win contracts.

Dwen Correa

Relation Manager

Dwen Correa is an accomplished entrepreneur and business leader with extensive expertise in international trade, partnerships, and negotiations. His dynamic leadership has driven growth for both startups and established companies. Most recently, Mr. Correa has been consulting for import-export companies, leveraging his skills in developing international partnerships, particularly with China. His track record demonstrates excellent abilities in market expansion, team leadership, and creating strategies to accelerate business growth. Mr. Correa's experience in retail, marketing, events, and cross-border trade make him a results-driven leader.

Patrice Lalloum

Executive Manager

Patrice Lalloum is a successful entrepreneur with extensive expertise in international business development, negotiations, and import-export. Most recently, he has consulted for import-export companies focused on China. In this role, Mr. Lalloum negotiated contracts, managed logistics, and coordinated international operations. His key strengths include establishing strategic partnerships, leading multicultural teams, and expanding into global markets. Mr. Lalloum’s diverse leadership experience in manufacturing, supply chain, marketing, and cross-border trade make him a results-driven executive.

Girsh Haldey

Strategic Director

Girsh Haldey is an accomplished business leader with expertise across technology, telecommunications, and investment management. He was previously a shareholder and advisor for Russian news agency ITAR-TASS, establishing their innovative technologies department. He also founded and led technology research institute JSC, winning accolades for their innovative security solution. His expertise spans operations, strategic growth, and portfolio management across high-growth sectors.

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